Bible of the Westcoast Music

On December 11th, 2018, TRQL Radio concluded an agreement with the Bible of the Westcoast Music. In a nutshell, this agreement was concluded with the following terms:

Bonsoir Bruno,

Jean-Paul (Ribes) nous a mis en contact pour voir s'il était possible d'organiser une sorte de collaboration entre La Bible de la Westcoast et TRQL Radio.

En fait, nous souhaiterions pouvoir intégrer du contenu provenant de votre site sur le site de TRQL Radio. Pour sûr … en citant nos sources et en renvoyant à votre site pour des infos plus détaillées. Il est aussi envisageable de passer l'un ou l'autre jingle à l'antenne poussant les auditeurs à se rendre sur votre site et de faire la promotion des gens qui collaborent à la Bible.

Qu'en pensez-vous ?

Pat Boens

… and the answer was:

Bonsoir Pat,

Je suis OK pour cette collaboration et de cette mise en œuvre.


So, here we are! Let the Bible introduce themselves:

The First blog founded by Bruno Fabriguès (Cool Night webmaster) is the absolute reference of all the good Californian albums recorded between 1976 & 1986. These eleven years are heart and soul of this music which was before 1976 California Pop. This year (1976) the sound evolved thanks to albums such as Hotel California by Eagles or Silk Degrees by Boz Scaggs.

Five conditions had to be combined for an album to take place in the Bible of The Westcoast Music:

  1. The album must have been recorded in L.A or in California (a few rare exceptions will be allowed when the album is considered a 'classic'),
  2. The main singer or most of the band must be Americans (Japanese, Swedish artists & other foreign singers will be part of another list). Once again there will be a few exceptions to this rule when the album is recognised as essential !
  3. Most of the musicians playing on the album must be from L.A. and a talented studio player like Jeff Porcaro, Michael Landau, Steve Lukather, Dann Huff, Robbie Buchanan, Richard Page among many others…
  4. The album must have a typical Westcoast sound and remind us of the L.A. way of life ! Soul, Funk music or middle of the road (M.O.R) won't be included in the Definitive Westcoast Bible even if some great musicians from L.A. plays in the album ! But Christian rock will !
  5. Most of the songs must be of the highest quality possible. The album must not only have one or two good songs, which would represent quite badly the Westcoast style we love so much !

During all These years, the Bible contained 95% of the 'Westcoast' production of these extraordinary times which are the perfectly 'Californian Way of Life'. The remaining 5% had been put aside even though there were L.A. studios high names.

Since 2010, I expanded this Bible with Jean Paul Ribes's active participation and Florent Recica's help (Sweden). Now 'The Bible of Westcoast Music', identifies from 1976 to 1986 the major bands (Chicago, Doobie Brothers, Eagles, Toto...) without omitting the brilliant and unforgettable sources as Beach Boys, Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers, Buffalo Springfield and so many more… This "Bible" mainline is L.A. renowned session musicians (solo projects and participations). Besides, we let you discover our discoveries and all the unknown, underestimated and sometimes underrated fantastic musicians and albums. You will find there your favorite musician discography. This 'Bible of The Westcoast Music' is still in motion. If sometimes you would wish to participate to it, contact us via Facebook. This 'Bible of The Westcoast Music' our 'Bible..', your 'Bible…' is one of the biggest database available on the web.

We deeply hope, you will appreciate this meticulous work. Enjoy reading!