Vae Soli! / Quitus|TRQL Version

Datetime: 23-01-2020

Version 8.1.0009 of 20180620142500

Build: Quitus Rebooted beta (code 'PMO Version')

Error Details

Error code: #0

Message: 'Call to undefined method LSXPath::query()'

File: 'quickapp.class.php'

Line: '3391'


  1. artist-search.php at line 2 in function/method include_once('D:\websites\\www\httpdocs\index.php')
  2. index.php at line 2 in function/method require_once('D:\websites\\www\httpdocs\grandmaster.php')
  3. grandmaster.php at line 11 in function/method __construct('grandmaster.php',null)
  4. quickapp.class.php at line 897 in function/method loadCompanyAndSiteSettings(null)

0!Ooops! Error #0 occurred. Call to undefined method LSXPath::query()