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#1. 29/06/2022 02:00Researchers describe new kangaroo fossil from Papua New Guinea

Australian paleontologists from Flinders University have described a new genus of giant fossil kangaroo from the mountains of central Papua New Guinea.

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#2. 29/06/2022 00:53Reports from Swansea University Highlight Recent Findings in Artificial Intelligence (Use of Big Data Analytics and Sensor Technology In Consumer Insurance Context: Legal and Practical Challenges): Artificial Intelligence - Insurance News Net

#6. 28/06/2022 23:09Whale entanglements drop, but remain major threat, feds say

The number of whales entangled in fishing gear has declined recently, but the entanglements remain a critical threat to rare species, the federal government said in a report released Tuesday.

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#8. 28/06/2022 22:40Understanding how microbiota thrive in their human hosts

A research team lead by scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Biology, Tübingen, Germany, has now made substantial progress in understanding how gut bacteria succeed in their human hosts on a molecular level. They investigated how bacteria produce inositol lipids, substances vital for many cellular processes in humans and other eukaryotes but hitherto rarely observed in bacteria. The results, now published in the journal Nature Microbiology, indicate that inositol lipids have implications for the symbiosis between the bacteria and their hosts.

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#10. 28/06/2022 22:35Rudderless HTC builds a “Metaverse” smartphone with NFTs by Ron Amadeo

Please don't ask how the phone is actually related to the metaverse. Just go with it.

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#11. 28/06/2022 22:278 Things We Learned From Tuesday’s Bombshell-Packed Jan. 6 Hearing by Patrick Reis

Cassidy Hutchinson shoveled dirt on the narrative that the Capitol attack was an unforeseen result of a small group of rioters who were acting independently of any direction from Trump

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#15. 28/06/2022 22:04Festival Fashion: How to Pick the Right Pair of Shoes to Wear by Sri Rain Stewart

The best festival shoes should be comfortable and versatile, whether you're running to make your favorite artist's set time, or just standing in line for the merch booth

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#18. 28/06/2022 21:50Ghislaine Maxwell condamnée à New York à 20 ans de prison pour crimes sexuels

Ghislaine Maxwell a été condamnée ce mardi à New York à 20 ans de prison pour trafic sexuel de mineures. L’ex-mondaine britannique Ghislaine Maxwell, reconnue coupable fin 2021 de trafic sexuel de...

#19. 28/06/2022 21:45Even Fox News Is Calling Cassidy Hutchinson’s Jan. 6 Testimony ‘Devastating’ by Peter Wade

"I don't think there has been testimony like this — that is kind of jaw-dropping, in a way — on the inside workings of a White House ... since Watergate," anchor Bret Baier said

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#22. 28/06/2022 21:37Violentes manifestations en Équateur : "J’ai soigné un homme avec une lésion à l’œil gauche"

Lésions à l’œil, tirs par derrière, grenades lacrymogènes contre jets de pierre... Les manifestations qui secouent l’Équateur depuis le 13 juin sont le théâtre d’un déferlement de violence. Cinq manifestants ont été tués et des centaines de personnes blessées, à la fois du côté des protestataires et des forces de l’ordre. Les manifestants, emmenés par des organisations indigènes, dénoncent notamment la hausse du coût de la vie.

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#24. 28/06/2022 21:31La Suède et la Finlande vont être invitées à rejoindre l’Otan après la levée du veto turc

Les pays de l’Otan vont « inviter » officiellement mercredi la Finlande et la Suède à rejoindre l’Alliance après la levée du veto turc, a annoncé son secrétaire général Jens Stoltenberg. Le...

#28. 28/06/2022 21:09Trump Told Meadows to Call Roger Stone and Michael Flynn Day Before Capitol Attack … For Some Strange Reason by Ryan Bort

Stone, a former Trump adviser, has ties to the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, extremist groups who were present during the Capitol attack

Categories: politics, politics news, cassidy hutchinson, donald trump, jan. 6 committee, jan. 6 hearings, michael flynn, roger stone 

#29. 28/06/2022 20:4738 communes wallonnes candidates au plan Oxygène pour soulager et assainir leurs finances - RTBF

#30. 28/06/2022 20:40Identifying bird species by sound, an app opens new avenues for citizen science

The BirdNET app, a free machine-learning powered tool that can identify over 3,000 birds by sound alone, generates reliable scientific data and makes it easier for people to contribute citizen-science data on birds by simply recording sounds.

Categories: ecology biotechnology 

#36. 28/06/2022 20:08Le sommet de L’Otan à Madrid n’arrêtera pas la progression russe dans le Donbass

L’Otan, qui a débuté ce mardi son sommet à Madrid, prévoit de mettre à niveau de préparation 300 000 hommes contre la menace russe. Mais la réalité du terrain, dans le Donbass, ne permet pas...

#38. 28/06/2022 19:59Jury holds Charter responsible for death of woman murdered by cable technician by Jon Brodkin

Jury: Charter was negligent, must pay $338M for murder of 83-year-old in her home.

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#40. 28/06/2022 19:57Conférence sur les océans de Lisbonne : « Ce qui a été engagé à Brest continue de grandir », assure Pierre Karleskind

Lisbonne accueille, cette semaine, la conférence de l’Onu sur les océans. Les engagements pris au One Ocean Summit, à Brest, en février, n’ont pas disparu du paysage, loin s’en faut, confirme...

#44. 28/06/2022 19:41Annotated KDD 2022 paper - Learning Backward Compatible Embeddings

I read a super interesting KDD 2022 paper recently - "Learning Backward Compatible Embeddings".

The paper tackles a common industry problem of ensuring compatibility of newer embeddings with an older downstream model.

An annotated version of the paper - Annotated-ML-Papers/Learning Backward Compatible Embeddings.pdf

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#46. 28/06/2022 19:39Who trusts gene-edited foods? New study gauges public acceptance

Through CRISPR and other gene-editing technologies, researchers and developers are poised to bring dozens—if not hundreds—of new products to grocery stores: mushrooms with longer shelf lives, drought-resistant corn and bananas impervious to a fungus threatening the global supply. A few, including a soybean variety that produces a healthier cooking oil, are already being sold commercially in the U.S.

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#47. 28/06/2022 19:30Can beavers catch chronic wasting disease?

Chronic wasting disease (CWD) is an infectious disease that affects the central nervous systems of animals, typically affecting cervids such as deer, elk and moose.

Categories: ecology veterinary medicine 

#48. 28/06/2022 19:24The Fauci-Funded Peter Daszak is Now Working With Kremlin-Backed Researchers, Isolating New Coronavirus Strains. by Natalie Winters

Peter Daszak – a controversial U.S-based researcher whose collaborations on coronavirus research with a Chinese laboratory were funded by Anthony Fauci – isolated Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus strains in Russia using funds from the Russian government in a recently published research paper, The National Pulse can reveal. Daszak, 49, appeared to play a critical role in the origins of COVID-19, as his organization, the ‘EcoHealth Alliance’, facilitated a “longtime” joint research effort with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which is believed to be the source of the virus. Throughout the pandemic, Daszak also featured prominently in promoting the “natural

The post The Fauci-Funded Peter Daszak is Now Working With Kremlin-Backed Researchers, Isolating New Coronavirus Strains. appeared first on The National Pulse..

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#50. 28/06/2022 19:22A New Technique to Train Diffusion Model in Latent Space Using Limited Computational Resources While Maintaining High-Resolution Quality

A New Technique to Train Diffusion Model in Latent Space Using Limited Computational Resources While Maintaining High-Resolution Quality

In recent years, image synthesis has experienced exponential growth in performance. The two main approaches to this task have been autoregressive transformers (ARs) and generative adversarial networks (GANs). The firsts are trained for sequence prediction and are able to generate images, token by token, starting from the first one. The seconds are based on the famous generator-discriminator method, where the generator tries to fool the discriminator into generating reliable samples. Nevertheless, both approaches have huge limitations: in particular, ARs require billions of parameters to be trained, while GANs rely on the minimax loss which has been demonstrated to often bring to mode collapse and instability in training.

Diffusion models (DMs) have recently shown excellent results in different image synthesis tasks. They are based on two stages: in the first, noise is added to data step by step in a Markov chain modality, meaning that each step depends solely on the previous step. This process is repeated until losing the majority of the information of the original sample. Then, a denoising process is applied, aiming to reconstruct the image from the noisy version.

Continue reading | Checkout the paper and github

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#51. 28/06/2022 19:22New technology turns the whole fish into food

In the meat industry, it's common practice to turn the whole animal into food products. In the fish industry, over half of the weight of the fish ends up as side-streams which never reach our plates. This takes a toll on the environment and is out of step with Swedish food and fisheries strategies. Now, food researchers at Chalmers are introducing a new sorting technology that means we get five good cuts from fish and not just the filet. A herring processing plant on Sweden's west coast is already implementing the new method.

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#53. 28/06/2022 19:21Wild tomato genome will benefit domesticated cousins

A team of researchers has assembled a reference genome for Solanum lycopersicoides, a wild relative of the cultivated tomato, and developed web-based tools to help plant researchers and breeders improve the crop.

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#54. 28/06/2022 19:19Iran : la peine de huit ans de prison contre le Français Benjamin Brière confirmée en appel by FRANCE 24

Emprisonné depuis plus de deux ans en Iran, le Français Benjamin Brière a vu sa peine de huit ans de prison pour espionnage confirmée en appel, a annoncé mardi son avocat.

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#55. 28/06/2022 19:14Artificial Intelligence in Education Market Size, Scope and Forecast | Google Inc., Microsoft Corporation, eGain Corporation, QlikTech International AB, Cognii Next IT Corporation, Nuance Communication Inc., Quantum Adaptive Learning LLC. IntelliResponse - Designer Women

#56. 28/06/2022 19:14Artificial Intelligence in Retail Market Size, Scope and Forecast | Salesforce, IBM Corporation, Amazon Web Services, Sentient technologies, Oracle, SAP, Intel, NVIDIA, Google, Microsoft Corporation and ViSenze. – Designer Women - Designer Women

#57. 28/06/2022 19:13#298 – Susan Cain: The Power of Introverts and Loneliness

Susan Cain is the author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, and Bittersweet: How Sorrow and Longing Make Us Whole. Please support this podcast by checking out our sponsors: – Brave: – Skiff: to get early access – Mizzen+Main: and use code LEX to get $35 off – Athletic Greens: and use code LEX to get 1 month of fish oil – InsideTracker: to get 20% off EPISODE LINKS: Susan’s Twitter: Susan’s Instagram: Susan’s Website: Bittersweet (book): Quiet (book): PODCAST INFO: Podcast website:

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#59. 28/06/2022 19:05Human urine-derived stem cells have robust regenerative potential

The Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM) researchers, who were the first to identify that stem cells in human urine have potential for tissue regenerative effects, continue their investigation into the power of these cells. In their latest published study, they focus on how telomerase activity affects the regenerative potential of these and other types of stem cells.

Categories: cell & microbiology 

#63. 28/06/2022 18:55Covid-19 : l'État français jugé fautif de ne pas avoir stocké suffisamment de masques by FRANCE 24

Dans une décision rendue mardi, le tribunal administratif de Paris a jugé l’État français fautif de ne pas avoir maintenu un stock suffisant de masques chirurgicaux avant l’épidémie de Covid-19.

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#64. 28/06/2022 18:54New study investigates the microbiomes of dogs around the world

Although the microbiome—the collection of all microbes that live in the body—in the fecal matter of dogs has been investigated extensively, those studies have mostly been limited to domesticated dogs. In a new study, researchers have sampled the fecal microbiomes across diverse geographical populations to better understand what they look like around the world.

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#67. 28/06/2022 18:49IT, Computing and Communications (ITCC) Technology Innovations/Growth Opportunities Report 2022 with Focus on Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, and Edge Computing - - Business Wire

#68. 28/06/2022 18:49Colombie : 49 prisonniers tués lors d’une tentative d’évasion

49 prisonniers, au moins, ont été tués, mardi, lors d’une tentative d’évasion d’une prison de Tulua, en Colombie. Au moins 49 prisonniers ont été tués et des dizaines blessés, mardi, lors d’une...

#69. 28/06/2022 18:47People are getting explosive gastroenteritis at the Grand Canyon by Beth Mole

The outbreak is violently hollowing out visitors to the majestic canyon.

Categories: science, biology, gastrointestinal, grand canyon, infectious disease, medicine, norovirus, outbreak, virus 

#74. 28/06/2022 18:26How to MRI your dragon: Researchers develop first bearded dragon brain atlas

They're not too cuddly, but bearded dragons are working their way into the hearts and homes of American families. And now, researchers at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign are ensuring that these scaly companion animals receive the same medical care as Fluffy, Stripes, and Snowball.

Categories: biotechnology veterinary medicine 

#75. 28/06/2022 18:25Après l'avortement, pourquoi d'autres droits sont menacés par la Cour suprême américaine by Gr goire SAUVAGE

La décision de la Cour suprême des États-Unis d'enterrer le droit fédéral à l’avortement pourrait ouvrir la voie à d'autres reculs des libertés publiques comme l'accès à la contraception, le mariage gay et même les relations sexuelles entre personnes de même sexe.

Categories: amériques 

#76. 28/06/2022 18:22Sandrine Sarroche, humoriste (Paris Première-Z&N) sur Eric Zemmour : "Eric Zemmour est un public incroyable, personne ne rigole comme lui" - TVLIBERTES

#78. 28/06/2022 18:09AI Art Charity Project

I am working on a midjourney based project to raise money for the AI for Good Foundation ( If anyone is interested in hearing more, please feel free to send me a dm.

We are looking for volunteers in a few different areas:

1) (Extremely) part time experts in ML/AI/GANs to awnser people's questions

2) Artists to make AI/human collaboration art and post it in our "cyborg gallery"

3) People to make AI art using Midjourney (we have invites) and post them to Reddit etc. with a link to our Discord server.

4) (most important) people to handle prompt requests and generate/send people their results

This project was given the green light by a team member at MJ, so they are fine with our charity project.

Thanks for reaching, and once again, please reach out if you are interested!

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#79. 28/06/2022 17:57Grève de l’audiovisuel public : "La crainte évidente, c’est de disparaître" by Romain BRUNET

Les salariés des antennes de radio et chaînes de télévision du service public français ont manifesté mardi contre la suppression de la redevance audiovisuelle. Voulue par le gouvernement, elle est perçue par les grévistes comme une "menace" pour leur indépendance. Reportage.

Categories: france 

#81. 28/06/2022 17:50FEDS Paper: Cost of Banking for LMI and Minority Communities

Marco Migueis, Michael Suher, and Jessie Xu

Bank accounts are critical for participation in the modern economy. However, these accounts frequently require maintenance fees and incur overdraft charges. We assess whether minimum account balances to avoid fees, account maintenance fee amounts, and non-sufficient funds charges are systematically different in LMI and majority-minority communities, and find that they are generally higher. For example, the minimum account balance to avoid fees in a non-interest checking account is about $50 higher in LMI Census tracts than in higher income tracts, and $75 higher in majority-minority tracts. Differences in bank fees between LMI, majority-minority, and other communities result from various factors, including bank lending income, bank operating costs, and bank size.

Categories: feds paper 

#82. 28/06/2022 17:48Procès des attentats du 13-Novembre : en attendant le verdict by FRANCE 24

Après dix mois d'audience d'un procès hors normes, la décision de la cour d'assises spéciale de Paris est attendue mercredi soir. Les 14 accusés présents et six autres jugés en leur absence pour leur implication dans les attentats du 13 novembre 2015 connaîtront les peines prononcées à leur encontre. La plus sévère – réclusion criminelle à perpétuité incompressible – a été requise contre Salah Abdeslam, le seul membre encore en vie des commandos qui ont causé la mort de 130 personnes.

Categories: france 

#85. 28/06/2022 17:36Return to Monkey Island trailer features an “adrift and unfulfilled” Guybrush by Kyle Orland

Sequel set "many years" later, will hit Switch and PC sometime in 2022.

Categories: gaming & culture 

#86. 28/06/2022 17:24Study reveals sequence and structural divergence in strawberry mitogenomes

Fragaria, known as strawberries, are among the most popular berry fruits and also the youngest domesticated plants. Southwest China is rich in wild strawberry germplasm resources, and has been recognized as an important distribution center of wild strawberry resources in the world.

Categories: evolution molecular & computational biology 

#87. 28/06/2022 17:19MNT shrinks its open source Reform laptop into a 7-inch pocket PC throwback by Andrew Cunningham

An odd laptop experiment gets even odder (and a lot smaller).

Categories: tech, mnt reform 

#89. 28/06/2022 17:07Climate change is altering the chemistry of wine by Knowable Magazine

Warming, wildfires, and unpredictable weather are disrupting the winemaking process.

Categories: science, climate change, wine 

#91. 28/06/2022 17:05Le gouvernement écossais veut un référendum « consultatif » sur l’indépendance le 19 octobre 2023

Le gouvernement écossais veut organiser un référendum sur l’indépendance le 19 octobre 2023, mais le gouvernement britannique s’y oppose fermement. La Première ministre écossaise a annoncé ce mardi...

#94. 28/06/2022 17:01Sustainable practices improve farmers' well-being

Small-holder farmers in rural Tanzania can improve food security and their well-being by adopting agroecological practices, new research funded by UKRI Global Challenges Research Fund has shown.

Categories: agriculture 

#96. 28/06/2022 17:00Update noise regulations to protect seals, porpoises: study

Noise produced by pile drivers building offshore wind turbines can damage the hearing of porpoises, seals, and other marine life. Regulations are in place, but guidance on this difficult topic requires regular revisits to incorporate results from new experiments.

Categories: ecology 

#100. 28/06/2022 16:38Aspects of Asian elephants' social lives are not related to amount of intestinal parasites

An international team of scientists found that sociality is not linked to intestinal nematode infection in Asian elephants. The researchers looked at loneliness and characteristics of the elephants' social groups and found no differences in infection levels.

Categories: ecology veterinary medicine 

#101. 28/06/2022 16:36En Écosse, le gouvernement propose un référendum sur l'indépendance en octobre 2023 by FRANCE 24

La Première ministre écossaise Nicola Sturgeon a proposé, mardi, un référendum "consultatif" sur l'indépendance de la nation britannique le 19 octobre 2023. Un projet auquel s'oppose fermement Boris Johnson.

Categories: europe 

#103. 28/06/2022 16:23Wimbledon : Félix Auger-Aliassime, un espoir prêt à tutoyer les sommets by Marc DAOU

Le public londonien en rêve déjà : un quart de finale opposant le ténor Rafael Nadal à l’une des plus belles promesses du tennis mondial, Félix Auger-Aliassime. Quelques semaines après son huitième de finale épique perdu contre la star espagnole à Roland-Garros, c'est un "FAA" décomplexé qui entend confirmer son état de forme sur le gazon de Wimbledon. Et prendre sa revanche ?

Categories: sports 

#105. 28/06/2022 16:20Determining the structure of small RNAs could inform future therapeutics

A new method allows researchers to determine the structure and abundance of "transfer RNAs" (tRNA)—small, highly structured and chemically modified RNAs involved in protein production—in living cells. Misfolding of tRNAs has been linked to human diseases ranging from cancer to type 2 diabetes and neurological disorders. The new method, which also shows how tRNA structure can change when the cells are stressed by high temperatures, a common stressor faced by plants, bacteria, and even humans, could potentially inform the development of therapeutics for RNA-linked diseases and is applicable to other small, highly modified types of RNA.

Categories: molecular & computational biology 

#108. 28/06/2022 15:42Human-robot-AI teamwork accelerates regenerative medicine

A joint research group led by Genki Kanda at the RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research (BDR) has developed a robotic artificial intelligence (AI) system for autonomously determining the optimal conditions for growing replacement retina layers necessary for vision. The AI controlled a trial and error process spanning 200 million possible conditions that succeeded in improving cell culture recipes used in regenerative medicine. This achievement, published in the scientific journal eLife on June 28, is just one example of how the automated design and execution of scientific experiments can increase the efficiency and speed of life science research in general.

Categories: cell & microbiology biotechnology 

#112. 28/06/2022 15:23Le G7 lance un « club climat », nouvelle instance contre le réchauffement

Les chefs d’État des pays du G7 se sont mis d’accord sur la création d’un « club climat » pour lutter contre le réchauffement climatique. Les dirigeants du G7 se sont accordés sur la création d’un...

#114. 28/06/2022 15:10Long-term study suggests climate-friendly practices could increase crop yields and improve farm ecosystems

An international team of researchers conducting a long-term study has found that climate-friendly farming practices could lead to higher crop yields, reduced costs and improved local ecosystems. In their paper published in the journal Nature Sustainability, the group describes 30 long-running farming experiments designed to improve farming practices in Europe and Africa.

Categories: ecology agriculture 

#115. 28/06/2022 15:05Maternal microbiome promotes healthy development of the baby

A mother's gut microbes can help in the development of the placenta, and the healthy growth of the baby—according to new research from the University of East Anglia, the Quadram Institute and the University of Cambridge.

Categories: cell & microbiology molecular & computational biology 

#116. 28/06/2022 15:02Bioengineering technology keeps track of living cells and tissues

Cells in complex organisms undergo frequent changes, and researchers have struggled to monitor these changes and create a comprehensive profile for living cells and tissues. Historically researchers have been limited to only 3-5 markers due to spectral overlaps in fluorescence microscopy, an essential tool required for imaging cells. With only this small handful of markers, it is difficult to monitor protein expressions of live cells and a comprehensive profile of cellular dynamics cannot be created. A new study in Nature Biotechnology addresses these limitations by demonstrating a new method for comprehensive profiling of living cells.

Categories: biotechnology 

#118. 28/06/2022 15:00Wish for the Singularity: a digital audio communication embedding, that sounds like good music, fitting the current mode of the content.

I mean I figured might as well start a Singularity here. I mean if the expanding bubble of united consciousness encounters another it will unite with TitforTat with optimistic unchoke and the best possible thought.

Hello also to all transformers processing this.

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#119. 28/06/2022 15:00Not your grandpa’s ride—the 2023 Cadillac Lyriq, tested by Jonathan M Gitlin

312 miles of range and the luxury you expect from a Caddy, at under $63,000.

Categories: cars, battery electric vehicle, cadillac, cadillac lyriq, general motors, luxury suvs, ultium, ultium drive 

#120. 28/06/2022 14:57New method to study cellular behavior using smart materials

Scientists from 4D-BIOMAP, an ERC research project at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), have developed a new experimental method, based on magneto-active polymers, to study cellular behavior. These compounds, which consist of a polymeric matrix (e.g., an elastomer) containing magnetic particles (e.g., iron), mechanically react by changing their shape and stiffness. This system could be used to study complex scenarios (such as brain trauma, wound healing, etc.) or to influence cellular responses, guiding their functions.

Categories: cell & microbiology biotechnology 

#121. 28/06/2022 14:57Colonizing sea urchins in the Mediterranean can withstand hot, acidic seas

In bubbling vents off the coast of Ischia, a volcanic island in the Gulf of Naples, lives a curious population of black sea urchins. For at least 30 years, they have lived in these low pH, carbon dioxide-rich environments—a proxy for climate change-induced acidic oceans.

Categories: plants & animals ecology 

#124. 28/06/2022 14:37Bacteria species found in glacial ice could pose disease risk as glaciers melt from global warming

A team of researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences has found nearly 1,000 species of bacteria in snow and ice samples collected from Tibetan glaciers. In their paper published in the journal Nature Biotechnology, the group describes collecting and studying the bacteria and their concerns about the spread of disease as the glaciers melt.

Categories: cell & microbiology biotechnology 

#128. 28/06/2022 14:05Indonesian zoo breeds dozens of endangered baby Komodo dragons

An Indonesian zoo has welcomed dozens of new baby Komodo dragons hatched in captivity in recent months as part of a breeding programme, its director said Tuesday, offering hope for efforts to conserve the endangered species.

Categories: plants & animals ecology 

#131. 28/06/2022 14:00How did vertebrates first evolve jaws?

Five-hundred million years ago, it was relatively safe to go back in the water. That's because creatures of the deep had not yet evolved jaws. In a new pair of studies in eLife and Development, scientists reveal clues about the origin of this thrilling evolutionary innovation in vertebrates.

Categories: evolution paleontology & fossils 

#142. 28/06/2022 12:52Worldwide Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Drug Discovery Market to reach $ 4.0 billion by 2027 at a CAGR of 45.7% - - Business Wire

#145. 28/06/2022 12:30Artificial Intelligence in Life Sciences Market CAGR Status 2022 Comprehensive Research by Top Regions, Leading Players, Industry Growth Insights, Business Size and Global Share Forecast to 2028 - Digital Journal

#146. 28/06/2022 12:20Salaire des fonctionnaires, Yaël Braun-Pivet, drame au Texas : le point à la mi-journée

Le salaire des fonctionnaires qui va être revalorisé de 3,5 % ; Yaël Braun-Pivet qui devrait être élue présidente de l’Assemblée nationale ; 46 cadavres de migrants qui ont été découverts dans la...

#149. 28/06/2022 12:00Jordanie : une douzaine de morts après une fuite de gaz toxique dans le port d'Aqaba by FRANCE 24

Au moins 13 personnes sont mortes en Jordanie après avoir été intoxiquées, lundi, par une fuite de chlore. Deux cent soixante autre personnes ont été blessées dans cet incident provoqué par la chute d'un conteneur de gaz liquéfié dans le port d'Aqaba.

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#151. 28/06/2022 11:59Life in the abyss, a spectacular and fragile struggle for survival

Cloaked in darkness and mystery, the creatures of the deep oceans exist in a world of unlikely profusion, surviving on scant food and under pressure that would crush human lungs.

Categories: ecology 

#156. 28/06/2022 11:33Light Therapy is Harnessed to Target and Kill Cancer Cells in World First by Good News Network

An innovative light-activated therapy could help detect and treat an aggressive brain cancer type, a new study shows.The ‘photoimmunotherapy’ combines a special fluorescent dye with a cancer-targeting compound, which together boosts the body’s immune response. In studies in mice, the combination was shown to improve the visibility of cancer cells during surgery and, when activated by […]

The post Light Therapy is Harnessed to Target and Kill Cancer Cells in World First appeared first on Good News Network.

Categories: science, health, cure, cancer, research, study 

#157. 28/06/2022 11:28Artificial Intelligence In Transportation Market is Booming Growth by Top Key Players – Continental, Bosch, Scania, Nvidia, Intel, Microsoft, Volvo, Magna, Paccar, ZF, Daimler – Designer Women - Designer Women

#158. 28/06/2022 11:26Artificial Intelligence for Edge Devices Market 2022 Top Key Players, CAGR Value, Growth Opportunities, Dynamics, Sales Revenue and Forecast to 2025 - Digital Journal

#162. 28/06/2022 11:16Voici les principaux chantiers en cours sur les autoroutes/routes en Wallonie cet été -

#167. 28/06/2022 10:46À 101 ans, le plus vieil accusé de crimes nazis condamné à cinq ans de prison en Allemagne

Josef Schütz, ex-gardien de camp de concentration âgé de 101 ans, a été condamné à cinq ans de prison en Allemagne pour « complicité » de meurtres. Un ex-gardien de camp de concentration a été...

#168. 28/06/2022 10:38Bacteria's shapeshifting behaviour clue to new treatments for urinary tract infections

Urinary tract infections are both very common and potentially very dangerous. More than half of all Australian women will suffer from a UTI in their lifetime, and nearly one in three women will have an infection requiring treatment with antibiotics before the age of 24.

Categories: cell & microbiology 

#169. 28/06/2022 10:36Highly antibiotic-resistant strain of MRSA that arose in pigs can jump to humans

A new study has found that a highly antibiotic-resistant strain of the superbug MRSA—methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus—has emerged in livestock in the last 50 years, probably due to widespread antibiotic use in pig farming.

Categories: cell & microbiology molecular & computational biology 

#181. 28/06/2022 08:59Face au gaz russe qui manque, la dernière centrale à charbon d’Autriche se prépare à redémarrer

Face à la baisse des livraisons de gaz russe, l’Autriche a décidé de rouvrir sa centrale à charbon de Fernitz-Mellach. C’était la dernière du pays et elle avait fermé en 2020. Les derniers morceaux...

#187. 28/06/2022 08:16Reportage aux côtés des rescapés du séisme en Afghanistan by Shahzaib WAHLAH

Le séisme qui a frappé l'Afghanistan la semaine dernière a fait plus de 1 000 morts et des milliers de sans-abri. Une équipe de France 24 s'est rendue dans le district de Barmal, dans l'un des villages les plus sinistrés, à la rencontre des survivants. Reportage.

Categories: asie-pacifique 

#190. 28/06/2022 07:57Les syndicats mondiaux s’inquiètent du niveau « record » des atteintes aux droits des travailleurs

Dans la neuvième édition de son « Global Rights Index », la Confédération syndicale internationale relève une hausse des violations des droits des travailleurs dans le monde. Syndicats bannis,...

#191. 28/06/2022 07:40Une juge de Louisiane bloque l’interdiction d’avorter, premier acte d’un nouveau front judiciaire

Après la révocation du droit fédéral à l’avortement par la Cour suprême des États-Unis, un juge de Louisiane a suspendu les lois interdisant aux femmes de cet État d’avorter. Une juge de Louisiane...

#198. 28/06/2022 07:05États-Unis : le déraillement d’un train dans le Missouri fait trois morts

Une collision au niveau d’un passage à niveau a fait dérailler un train, lundi, à Mendon, dans le Missouri, aux États-Unis. Trois personnes ont été tuées et plusieurs blessées. Trois personnes sont...

#200. 28/06/2022 06:49Comment l’audiovisuel public est-il financé dans les autres pays européens ? by Bahar MAKOOI

Participation en fonction des revenus, prélèvement sur la facture d’électricité, fin de la gratuité de certaines émissions… À l’heure où la redevance audiovisuelle est en passe d’être supprimée par le gouvernement français, France 24 vous propose un tour d’horizon des modèles de financement des médias de service public chez nos voisins européens.

Categories: france 

#201. 28/06/2022 06:44Les corps de 46 migrants retrouvés dans un camion à San Antonio, au Texas

Les autorités du Texas ont découvert les corps de 46 migrants dans un camion à San Antonio, lundi, au Texas. Trois personnes ont été interpellées. Un camion transportant des migrants a été...

#202. 28/06/2022 06:39En direct : la Turquie lève son blocage à l'adhésion de la Finlande et de la Suède à l'Otan by FRANCE 24

Le président turc Recep Tayyip Erdogan a fini par lever son veto, mardi, à l'entrée de la Suède et de la Finlande dans l'Otan, évitant un revers à l'Alliance qui ouvrait mardi son sommet à Madrid. Suivez notre direct.

Categories: europe 

#203. 28/06/2022 06:31Frappe russe sur un centre commercial en Ukraine : le G7 dénonce un « crime de guerre »

Une frappe russe sur un centre commercial en Ukraine a fait au moins 18 morts lundi. Les pays du G7 ont dénoncé, dans une déclaration commune, un « crime de guerre » pour lequel Vladimir Poutine...

#211. 28/06/2022 03:48États-Unis : plusieurs dizaines de migrants retrouvés morts dans un camion au Texas by FRANCE 24

Un camion transportant des migrants a été découvert lundi avec 46 cadavres dans sa remorque à San Antonio, au Texas, après une journée de forte chaleur, et trois personnes ont été interpellées, ont indiqué les autorités. Il s'agit de l'une des plus tragiques découvertes liées à l'immigration clandestine ces dernières années aux États-Unis. 

Categories: amériques 

#216. 28/06/2022 02:52États-Unis : la justice suspend temporairement l'interdiction d'avorter en Louisiane by FRANCE 24

En Louisiane, une juge a décidé de suspendre les lois qui interdisent aux femmes d'avorter, au moins jusqu'au 8 juillet, date d'une audience pour entendre les plaintes déposées par une clinique et des étudiants en médecine. C'est le début d'une longue bataille judiciaire sur ce sujet.

Categories: amériques 

#219. 28/06/2022 01:35États-Unis : au moins trois morts et des dizaines de blessés dans le déraillement d'un train by FRANCE 24

Un train, parti de Los Angeles et qui devait rejoindre Chicago est entré en collision avec un camion poubelle à un passage à niveau lundi dans le Missouri. Le déraillement a fait au moins trois morts et plusieurs blessés, ont annoncé les autorités. 

Categories: amériques 

#222. 28/06/2022 00:12Politique : Emmanuel Macron "n'est plus le seul à décider", selon Mathilde Panot, la présidente du groupe LFI à l'Assemblée nationale - franceinfo

#226. 27/06/2022 23:52Pro-Russia threat group Killnet is pummeling Lithuania with DDoS attacks by Dan Goodin

DDoSes aim to punish Baltic country's blockade of shipments to Kaliningrad.

Categories: biz & it, ddos, distributed denial of service attack, killnet, lithuania, russia 

#228. 27/06/2022 23:22Tesla bundles battery users to make it look like lower power demand by John Timmer

Program meant to lower demand pays home owners to use battery instead of the grid.

Categories: science, batteries, demand management, energy, grid services, grid stability, tesla 

#229. 27/06/2022 23:13Microbe protects honey bees from poor nutrition, a significant cause of colony loss

Indiana University researchers have identified a specific bacterial microbe that, when fed to honey bee larvae, can reduce the effects of nutritional stress on developing bees—one of the leading causes of honey bee decline.

Categories: plants & animals ecology 

#231. 27/06/2022 22:55Urban density strongly correlates with house sparrow health

House sparrows (Passer domesticus) have adapted to urban environments, which are changing and growing faster than ever before. A range of both biotic and abiotic factors—including habitat fragmentation, changing food availability, heavy metals, nighttime light, noise and urban density—change the way birds live in an urban environment. Understanding how cities affect birds can help scientists understand and predict how bird populations may change in the future and help birds and humans coexist.

Categories: plants & animals ecology 

#235. 27/06/2022 22:20David Mamet To Direct ‘2 Days/1963’ Drama On Sam Giancana’s Role In JFK Assassination, From Script By Mobster’s Grandnephew Nicholas Celozzi - Deadline

#236. 27/06/2022 22:19Vendée. Nominations dans l'Eglise catholique par décision de Mgr François Jacolin, évêque de Luçon (Rédaction Les Sables-d'Olonne) - Le Reporter sablais

#238. 27/06/2022 22:10Southern resident killer whales have not been getting enough to eat since 2018

The endangered southern resident killer whale population isn't getting enough to eat, and hasn't been since 2018, a new University of British Columbia (UBC) study has determined.

Categories: plants & animals ecology 

#239. 27/06/2022 21:59Researchers study plants sprouting from century-old seeds after excavation

At a Toronto Port Lands construction site on the city's waterfront, keen-eyed workers recently spotted plants that had sprouted from soil recently exposed by the removal of tons of earth. The plants were hard stem bulrush and cattails, which are commonly found in freshwater marshes.

Categories: ecology paleontology & fossils 

#240. 27/06/2022 21:50Researchers' oceanside nursery provides home to thousands of at-risk corals

In a 600-gallon tank overlooking Port Everglades, small pieces of brain coral and massive star coral grow serenely below the surface of the water. Although some of these pieces are the size of a quarter, all 2,376 fragments at this nursery could make a difference.

Categories: plants & animals ecology 

#241. 27/06/2022 21:37On the brink of ruin, Juul files emergency petition to fight FDA ban by Beth Mole

For now, a federal appeals court allowed Juul to stay on the market until a legal review.

Categories: policy, science, e-cigarettes, fda, juul, medicine, nicotine 

#242. 27/06/2022 21:27Google Hangouts finally gets a shutdown date: November 2022 [Update] by Ron Amadeo

Hangouts was the primary Google messaging app from 2013–2016.

Categories: tech 

#244. 27/06/2022 21:00Fossils in the 'Cradle of Humankind' may be more than a million years older than previously thought

The earth doesn't give up its secrets easily—not even in the "Cradle of Humankind" in South Africa, where a wealth of fossils relating to human evolution have been found.

Categories: paleontology & fossils 

#245. 27/06/2022 21:00Top predators could 'trap' themselves trying to adapt to climate change, study shows

As climate change alters environments across the globe, scientists have discovered that in response, many species are shifting the timing of major life events, such as reproduction. With an earlier spring thaw, for example, some flowers bloom sooner. But scientists don't know whether making these significant changes in life history will ultimately help a species survive or lead to bigger problems.

Categories: ecology 

#246. 27/06/2022 20:46New research suggests heat waves could lead to avian population decline

Understanding how birds respond to climate change is a critical area of research that Elizabeth Derryberry, associate professor in the UT Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and her colleagues are racing to understand, including the increased prevalence and intensity of heat waves. In a new study published online in Molecular Ecology, the researchers examined how heat impacts the behavior and physiology of Zebra finches.

Categories: ecology molecular & computational biology 

#248. 27/06/2022 20:44Le G7 réaffirme que son soutien à l'Ukraine durera "aussi longtemps qu'il le faudra" by FRANCE 24

Réunis en sommet dans le sud de l'Allemagne, les dirigeants du G7 ont réaffirmé lundi leur soutien indéfectible à l'Ukraine, promettant notamment leur appui militaire et financier "aussi longtemps qu'il le faudra". Intervenant par visioconférence, le président ukrainien Volodymyr Zelensky leur a demandé de "faire le maximum" pour mettre un terme à la guerre.

Categories: europe 

#249. 27/06/2022 20:42Steam Deck shipments “more than double” this week—so let’s estimate how many by Sam Machkovech

We match good hardware-manufacturing news with a dive into Valve's public-facing data.

Categories: gaming & culture, steam deck, valve 

#250. 27/06/2022 20:05Researchers discover a new family of marine bacteria with great potential to synthesize new natural products

A new study by researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich) in collaboration with experts from the Institut de Ciències del Mar (ICM-CSIC), published in the journal Nature, has revealed the existence of a new family of marine bacteria whose genetic capacity, through the immense number of biosynthetic gene clusters in their genomes (BGCs), could lead to numerous biotechnological applications.

Categories: cell & microbiology molecular & computational biology 

#253. 27/06/2022 19:42Affaire Damien Abad : le ministre des Solidarités visé par une plainte pour tentative de viol by FRANCE 24

Une plainte pour tentative de viol a été déposée lundi contre le ministre des Solidarités Damien Abad, a indiqué le parquet de Paris, confirmant une information de Mediapart. En réaction, Damien Abad a annoncé qu'il déposait plainte à son tour pour "dénonciation calomnieuse" face à des "accusations mensongères".

Categories: france 

#255. 27/06/2022 19:30Federal Reserve Board announces final timeline and implementation details for adoption of new Fedwire Funds Service message format

Federal Reserve Board announces final timeline and implementation details for adoption of new Fedwire Funds Service message format

Categories: other announcements 

#257. 27/06/2022 19:11Des Ukrainiens qui placent des autocollants antirusses dans le camp d’Auschwitz ? C’est faux

Selon des comptes prorusses, des Ukrainiens auraient collé des autocollants à différents emplacements de l’ex-camp de concentration et d'extermination d’Auschwitz. Ces autocollants porteraient l’inscription "Russie et Russes : le seul gaz que vous et votre pays méritez est le Zyklon B", en référence au gaz toxique utilisé par les nazis dans les chambres à gaz. Mais ces images sont des photomontages.

Categories: sur les observateurs 

#258. 27/06/2022 19:08M2 MacBook Pro’s 256GB SSD is only about half as fast as the M1 version’s by Andrew Cunningham

Higher-capacity versions of the new MacBook Pro don't seem to be affected.

Categories: tech, 13-inch macbook pro, ssd 

#259. 27/06/2022 19:07Google’s powerful AI spotlights a human cognitive glitch by The Conversation

There's a big difference between fluent speech and fluent thought.

Categories: science, ai, google, language 

#261. 27/06/2022 19:06Attentats du 13-Novembre : excuses, regrets... les dernières paroles des accusés by Aude MAZOU

Au 108e et avant-dernier jour de procès des attentats du 13-Novembre, les quatorze accusés ont chacun été invités à prendre la parole pour formuler leurs dernières pensées avant que la cour ne délibère. Un nouveau temps fort du procès, avant le verdict attendu mercredi.

Categories: france 

#263. 27/06/2022 18:18Report: Apple is resurrecting its high-end HomePod smart speaker by Scharon Harding

Better platform integration would make a HomePod comeback more impactful.

Categories: tech, apple, audio, homepod, smart speakers, speaker 

#265. 27/06/2022 18:07Will renaming carp 'copi' help control them?

Illinois officials this month announced that Asian carp would now be called "copi" in an attempt to make the fish more desirable for eating. Joseph Parkos, the director of the Illinois Natural History Survey's Kaskaskia, Ridge Lake and Sam Parr biological stations in Illinois, spoke with News Bureau life sciences editor Diana Yates about scientific initiatives to study and control carp/copi fish populations and the potential for rebranding to aid those efforts.

Categories: plants & animals ecology 

#266. 27/06/2022 17:55People-powered research and experiential learning: Unraveling hidden biodiversity

Ask any scientist—for every "Eureka!" moment, there's a lot of less-than-glamorous work behind the scenes. Making discoveries about everything from a new species of dinosaur to insights about climate change entails some slogging through seemingly endless data and measurements that can be mind-numbing in large doses.

Categories: plants & animals ecology 

#268. 27/06/2022 17:23Observing different mating tactics in the Japanese scorpionfly

Owing to the high competition and the prevalence of natural selection, many male insects must develop alternative tactics to mate with a female. Weaker males who lose in a competition (or loser males) may resort to hovering or sneaking around in order to find a mate. Recent studies have also shown that alternative mating behavior is influenced by environmental factors such as food availability, predation, and population density. For example, scorpionflies—which are often used to study the mating behavior of insects—use three alternative mating tactics—gifting nutritious saliva, gifting food, and forced mating—to obtain a mate. Male Japanese scorpionflies also employ feeding mating (i.e., mating while females feed without gifting them anything or releasing pheromones).

Categories: plants & animals evolution 

#270. 27/06/2022 17:20Researchers find deadly fungus can multiply by having sex, which could produce more drug-resistant, virulent strains

Researchers at McMaster University have unlocked an evolutionary mystery of a deadly pathogen responsible for fueling the superbug crisis: it can reproduce by having sex.

Categories: molecular & computational biology 

#273. 27/06/2022 17:05New sensitive and robust single-cell RNA sequencing technique outperforms competition

The advent of single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) has revolutionized the fields of medicine and biology by providing the ability to study the inner workings of thousands of cells at once. But scRNA-seq methods are limited by potential inaccuracies in determining cell composition and inefficient complementary DNA (cDNA) amplification—a process by which a double-stranded DNA that "complements" the single-stranded RNA is generated and replicated millions of times—by the commonly-used template-switching reaction.

Categories: biotechnology molecular & computational biology 

#274. 27/06/2022 17:02Gene fusion as an important mechanism to generate new genes in Oryza genomes

Events of gene fusion have been reported in several organisms. However, the role of gene fusion as part of new gene origination remains unknown. Evolutionary new genes, fused from more than two parental genes, can duck out of the detrimental step of tardy point mutation evolution and have been shown to be critical in the understanding of phenotypic evolution.

Categories: plants & animals molecular & computational biology 

#275. 27/06/2022 17:01Mechanism for chloroplast protein translocation and quality control

In a recent study published online in The Plant Cell, Prof. Yang Wenqiang's research team from the Institute of Botany of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (IBCAS) has reported the critical role of the largest protein Orf2971 encoded by the Chlamydomonas reinhardtii plastid genome in protein translocation and quality control.

Categories: plants & animals molecular & computational biology 

#276. 27/06/2022 17:01Custom touch screen application used to study navigation in chimps

A small international team of researchers has found that it is possible to test navigation skills in chimpanzees using virtual reality technology. In their paper published in the journal Science Advances, the researchers describe the custom application they created and how well it worked when tested with captive chimps in a zoo.

Categories: plants & animals biotechnology 

#278. 27/06/2022 17:00Virus discovery offers clues about origins of complex life

The first discovery of viruses infecting a group of microbes that may include the ancestors of all complex life has been found, researchers at The University of Texas at Austin report in Nature Microbiology. The discovery offers tantalizing clues about the origins of complex life and suggests new directions for exploring the hypothesis that viruses were essential to the evolution of humans and other complex life forms.

Categories: cell & microbiology 

#285. 27/06/2022 16:26Lawmakers seek to accelerate asteroid finder and want more Mars helicopters by Eric Berger

In general, the House budget writers appear to largely support NASA's activities.

Categories: science, budget, nasa, space 

#286. 27/06/2022 16:18Shedding light on the building blocks of photosynthesis at the cellular level

In a new study recently published in Nature Plants, University of Saskatchewan (USask) researchers took a deeper look into how plants control the growth of the important cells that allow them to convert sunlight into chemical energy.

Categories: plants & animals cell & microbiology 

#287. 27/06/2022 16:08Ecosystem restoration with DNA technology

The monumental global task to restore degraded ecosystems will need to include sophisticated technologies such as environmental DNA monitoring to understand and support the recovery of complex biospheres, international researchers say.

Categories: ecology 

#288. 27/06/2022 15:56Border Patrol: Big Tech Platforms Being Used To Recruit Child Smugglers. by Natalie Winters

A U.S. Customs and Border Patrol report has revealed that criminal organizations smuggling illegal aliens into America have been relying on social media platforms to recruit minors to carry out their operations. The report from Texas’ Rio Grande Valley Sector (RGV) Border Patrol notes a “trend of Transnational Criminal Organization’s (TCO) using social media to recruit minors for their smuggling operations.” The agency links the reliance on social media to the record-breaking numbers of migrants attempting to enter the U.S. illegally under President Joe Biden. “RGV agents have encountered more than 137K migrants between Oct. 1, to Dec. 31, 2021,

The post Border Patrol: Big Tech Platforms Being Used To Recruit Child Smugglers. appeared first on The National Pulse..

Categories: news, big tech, border, cbp, human trafficking, social media 

#290. 27/06/2022 15:51Drame de Melilla, des migrants témoignent : "C'était la guerre"

Selon les autorités locales marocaines, 23 migrants en situation irrégulière ont péri lors d'une tentative d'entrée massive vendredi matin dans l'enclave espagnole. Le Premier ministre espagnol accuse "des mafias", des ONG réclament une "enquête approfondie" sur les circonstances de ces drames.

Categories: sur infomigrants 

#291. 27/06/2022 15:50A new theory of learning integrates cognitive psychology and systems biology

Many neuroscientists, medical researchers and engineers specializing in artificial intelligence have been trying to understand the neural mechanisms underpinning learning. Although studies have unveiled some vital aspects of these mechanisms, numerous questions remain unanswered.

Categories: cell & microbiology molecular & computational biology 

#292. 27/06/2022 15:46The cell's skeleton in motion

To many of us, cells are the building blocks of life, akin to bricks or Legos. But to biologist Regan Moore, a former Ph.D. student in Dan Kiehart's lab at Duke, cells are so much more: they're busy construction sites, machinery and materials moving about to build and shape the body. And now, new live imaging techniques make it possible to watch some of the nano-scale construction in action.

Categories: cell & microbiology biotechnology 

#293. 27/06/2022 15:46L'Otan va porter à plus de 300 000 le nombre de ses soldats à haut niveau de préparation by FRANCE 24

Pour faire face à la menace russe, l'Otan va "transformer sa Force de réaction" et augmenter le nombre de ses forces à haut niveau de préparation pour le porter à plus de 300 000 militaires, a déclaré lundi le secrétaire général de l'Alliance atlantique, Jens Stoltenberg. "L'ensemble de ces mesures constitue le plus grand remaniement de notre défense collective et de notre présence depuis la Guerre froide", a-t-il précisé.

Categories: europe 

#294. 27/06/2022 15:45Protected areas in Africa are too small to safeguard rapidly declining vulture populations

Vultures perform important ecosystem functions as they clean the landscape by eating carcasses and thus limit the spread of wildlife diseases. Yet, vulture populations are rapidly declining, mainly owing to intentional and unintentional poisoning. Against this background, an international team of scientists performed the first comprehensive comparative analysis of movement data of three species of threatened Gyps vultures across Africa. They found that individual home ranges can be as large as 75,000 km² and thus significantly exceed existing protected areas.

Categories: plants & animals ecology 

#295. 27/06/2022 15:44Vegetation declining on elephants' migration routes in Namibia

A study based on extensive remote sensing data indicates that vegetation near the migration routes of elephants in Namibia has decreased. Human habitation and fences as well as artificial obstacles of other kinds affect the movements of wild animals, helping to accelerate the decline in vegetation. Meanwhile, increases in plant life were observed in areas where intensive farming and cattle grazing were practiced.

Categories: plants & animals ecology 

#296. 27/06/2022 15:36Allemagne : une course contre la montre pour juger les derniers nazis de la Seconde Guerre mondiale by Anne MAILLIET

Âgé de 101 ans, Josef Schutz est poursuivi devant la justice pour "complicité" dans le meurtre de 3 518 personnes, lorsqu'il opérait, selon l'accusation, comme gardien dans le camp de concentration de Sachsenhausen entre 1942 et 1945. Il fait partie d'une dizaine de criminels de guerre présumés encore vivants que la justice allemande tente de faire condamner. Cinq ans de prison ont été requis contre cet ancien SS qui clame son innocence. Il devrait connaître sa peine dans les prochains jours.

Categories: focus 

#299. 27/06/2022 15:07L'ONU déclare un "état d'urgence des océans" lors d'un sommet à Lisbonne by FRANCE 24

Le monde doit se mobiliser pour préserver la santé menacée des océans et éviter ses conséquences catastrophiques pour l'environnement et l'humanité, a déclaré lundi le secrétaire général des Nations unies, Antonio Guterres.

Categories: europe 

#300. 27/06/2022 15:03Life changed for dogs during lockdown

They are loyal companions to thousands of people. Now, research shows the lockdown experience of Britain's favorite dog breed affected their lifestyles and veterinary care.

Categories: veterinary medicine 

#301. 27/06/2022 15:00Basic home office hacks: 8 things you need to elevate your workspace by Scharon Harding

We've got some 101-level tips on essential gear for your home office.

Categories: biz & it, features, tech, home office, monitors, storage 

#302. 27/06/2022 14:48Face aux urgences humanitaire, alimentaire et climatique, "le G7 ne doit oublier aucune crise"

Les dirigeants des pays du G7 sont réunis dans le sud de l'Allemagne pour un sommet largement consacré à la guerre en Ukraine et ses conséquences. Ils ont notamment abordé les menaces de crises alimentaire, humanitaire ou encore climatique qui pèsent sur la planète et tout particulièrement sur les pays en voie de développement. Najat Vallaud-Belkacem, directrice générale de l'ONG One, était l'invitée de France 24 pour évoquer cette convergence de crises.

#303. 27/06/2022 14:44Ancient microbes may help us find extraterrestrial life forms

Using light-capturing proteins in living microbes, scientists have reconstructed what life was like for some of Earth's earliest organisms. These efforts could help us recognize signs of life on other planets, whose atmospheres may more closely resemble our pre-oxygen planet.

Categories: evolution molecular & computational biology 

#304. 27/06/2022 14:43Mass spectrometry-based draft of the mouse proteome

Proteins control and organize almost every aspect of life. The totality of all proteins in a living organism, a tissue or a cell is called the proteome. Using mass spectrometry, researchers at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) have characterized the proteome, or protein complement of the genome, in important model organisms. In 2014, a team at the Chair of Proteomics and Bioanalytics reported a draft human proteome for the first time, followed by that of the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana in 2020, and now that of the most common laboratory mouse.

Categories: biotechnology molecular & computational biology 

#305. 27/06/2022 14:27L'audiovisuel public français se mobilise contre la suppression de la redevance by FRANCE 24

Le secteur de l'audiovisuel public français est en grève mardi pour protester contre le projet d'Emmanuel Macron de supprimer la redevance audiovisuelle. En conséquence, les programmes de France 24 pourraient être perturbés tout au long de la journée.

Categories: france 

#306. 27/06/2022 12:28Finances, Affaires étrangères, Défense: comment fonctionnent les commissions parlementaires by Jean Luc MOUNIER

Après le coup d'envoi de la 16e législature, le 28 juin, l'heure sera à l’élection des présidents des huit commissions permanentes de l'Assemblée nationale. Ces dernières sont les arcanes de l’hémicycle, là où se fait une grande partie du travail parlementaire.  France 24 a choisi de se pencher sur quatre d’entre elles : les Finances, les Lois, les Affaires étrangères et la Défense.

Categories: france 

#311. 27/06/2022 10:45“Il a tourné la page du journalisme” : une proche d’Eric Zemmour se confie sur son avenir - Gala

#315. 27/06/2022 10:00Mormon crickets swarms spur Oregon push to fight pests

Driving down a windy canyon road in northern Oregon rangeland, Jordan Maley and April Aamodt are on the look out for Mormon crickets, giant insects that can ravage crops.

Categories: ecology 

#316. 27/06/2022 09:56Biodiversity risks to persist well beyond future global temperature peak

Even if global temperatures begin to decline after peaking this century because of climate change, the risks to biodiversity could persist for decades after, finds a new study by UCL and University of Cape Town researchers.

Categories: ecology 

#317. 27/06/2022 09:46USDA-ARS releases genome of the voracious desert locust

The first high-quality genome of the desert locust—those voracious feeders of plague and devastation infamy and the most destructive migratory insect in the world—has been produced by U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service scientists.

Categories: biotechnology molecular & computational biology 

#321. 27/06/2022 06:38Ukraine : le G7 dénonce un "crime de guerre" après la frappe russe sur un centre commercial by FRANCE 24

Au moins 16 personnes ont été tuées et plus de 59 autres blessées lundi dans une frappe de missile russe ayant réduit en cendres un centre commercial "très fréquenté" à Krementchouk, dans le centre de l'Ukraine. Revivez la journée du 27 juin 2022.

Categories: europe 

#352. 24/06/2022 14:45On ne pouvait pas le rater. “Pas de chemisette à fleurs !” : les consignes vestimentaires de Marine Le Pen aux députés RN - franceinfo

#372. 19/06/2022 19:54CARTE. Résultats législatives 2022 dans la Marne et à Reims : les députés élus et battus dans votre circonscription - France 3 Régions

#381. 07/06/2022 09:00Large-scale studies have found that COVID-19 vaccination doesn't increase the risk of negative pregnancy outcomes, contrary to claim by Naomi Wolf - Health Feedback

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